Public Works

City of Healdsburg Public Works Dept.

Sub-consultant to Omni-Means Engineers & Planners for the Healdsburg Russian River Bridge environmental review, design and engineering services project.. Services include hydrographic, topographic and rights of way mapping.

City of Healdsburg Public Works Dept.

Mapping for City street improvement projects for Matheson Street and Healdsburg Avenue. Work included location of utilities, rights of ways and details of intersections for installation of ADA sidewalk ramps.

City of Healdsburg Public Works Dept.
2005 to 2008

Topographic mapping, boundary surveys and construction staking for new $30 million wastewater treatment plant.

City of Healdsburg Public Works Dept.
2005 to 2006

Topographic mapping, boundary surveys and construction staking for $4 million new water storage and water treatment plant.

California American Water Co.
1995 to Present

As-needed surveys for California American Water Co., Larkfield CA (formerly Citizens Utility Company). Surveys include topographic and boundary mapping of utilities in Wikiup Drive, Mark West Station Road, Lavell Road and Old Redwood Highway and other locations for water facility design and relocation design.

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Cross sections of Foss Creek and bridge structures in Healdsburg for FEMA hydraulic study.

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Topographic and Planning

City of Healdsburg Parks and Recreation Dept.

Topographic mapping and construction staking for Recreation Park Master Plan. Mapping included all features within the Master Plan limits and points of ADA access. Utilities were located including the 54" underground storm drain by remote in-pipe camera. Tree genus, diameter and driplines were shown. Healdsburg Plaza topographic mapping and construction staking.

University of California Agricultural & Natural Resources, UC Davis

As-needed surveys - topographic surveys for Hopland Research and Extention Center, Mendocino County and Tule Lake Research & Extension Center, Siskiyou County.

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Thomas George Estates Winery, Healdsburg

ALTA, topographic and construction surveys for the expansion of the former Davis Bynum Winery.

Duncan Peak Winery - RB Wine Associates, Hopland
2007 to 2008

ALTA survey, Record of Survey, aerial mapping, topographic surveys and construction staking for winery and warehouse expansion and treatment ponds.

Merriam Winery , Healdsburg

Topographic, aerial, boundary and construction staking survey for new winery, vineyards treatment pond and tasting room.

Simi Winery, Healdsburg
2009 to Present

As-built, topographic and construction staking surveys for winery expansions.

Clos du Bois, Geyserville
2009 to Present

Aerial, as-built, topographic, boundary and construction surveys for winery storage, crush areas and treatment pond expansion.

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Large Scale Boundary Retracement

Aidlin Record of Survey, the Geysers

Retracement of 18 miles of sectionalized land located in 3 townships in the Geysers area of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. The original surveys included fractional and completion surveys performed by the US General Land Office from 1874 to 1910. 43 section and section subdivision property corners were either set or found. The property is largely inaccessible by conventional vehicles. Most corner search areas were reached by combination of ATV and hiking over brushy, rugged terrain. This project utilized GPS RTK methods and conventional methods of field survey.

From 1968 until 1978 Mr. Crabtree worked for the US Forest Service in the cadastral surveys section. From 1980 until 1990, Mr. Crabtree was a partner in a private engineering and surveying company and performed cadastral surveys under contract to the US Forest Service. The contracts were retracements of original government surveys dating from the mid to late 1800's. Projects typically spanned 2 field seasons and required 3 to 4 survey field crews. Monuments set were 30" x 2 1/2" metal pipes set 2' in the ground with mounds of stone and bearing tree and signage accessories. The field and office work for the following projects were under Mr. Crabtree's direction:

Pine Mountain Cadastral Survey, Humboldt County

Performed under the authority of the Bureau of Land Management using US Forest funds, this project was a dependant resurvey of 2 townships in Southern Humboldt County originally surveyed in 1872. The survey entailed 46 miles of boundary retracement and the setting of 142 public land corner monuments. The office work included the preparation of field notes in Bureau of Land Management format.

Board Camp Cadastral Survey, Humboldt County

Joint U.S Forest Service/ Private Timber Company project, which entailed the retracement of 68 miles of 1872 public land surveys in rugged and remote Humboldt County. Lands within the 36 square mile Board Camp area range in elevation from 2000 feet to 5000 feet. The survey spanned 2 field seasons, required coordination with private landowners, and was limited by snows, illegal marijuana growing and the fall hunting season. 150 public land corner monuments were set and 20 miles of section subdivision survey was performed. Photogrammetric methods were employed to control corner search and monument placement. The survey was based on the California State Plane Coordinate System.

Monumental Cadastral Survey, Del Norte County

Retracement of 15 mining claims and tracts on the California/Oregon border originally surveyed in 1904. Nearly all of the original 50 monuments were recovered, many of them being scribed stones. 18 miles of US Forest Service/Private property lines were cleared and posted. The project spanned 2 field seasons for 2-3 crews in the rugged mountains of the Smith River drainage.

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GPS Control Surveys

Sonoma/Napa County "1877 Kingsbury Line Retracement Survey"

Provided GPS control for section one of the project from Mt. St. Helena to Petrified Forest Road for the Sonoma County Surveyor's Office. Services included overall control standards and calculations for 4 firms performing the control surveys of the entire Kingsbury Line.

Cloverdale Ridge, LLC Aerial Control and Boundary

Boundary and aerial mapping of 640 acres for rural residential development northwest of Cloverdale. Survey of existing road system for legal descriptions and design. Coordinates for 15 targets established by GPS measurements for aerial mapping.

Cooley Ranch Aerial Control and Boundary
2002 to present

Aerial mapping of 2,300 acres for reservoir and vineyard development. Established horizontal and vertical coordinates for 33 aerial targets utilizing rapid static GPS measurements. Cooley Ranch/US Army Corp boundary shown from existing surveys. Supplemental topographic mapping and construction staking, ongoing.

Calistoga Aerial Control

This project was for aerial mapping for the City of Calistoga GIS mapping base. The control was tied to precise HPGN points and State Plane Coordinates were provided. 28 targets were set utilizing static GPS measurements. The project area included the entire city of Calistoga and outlying sphere of influence areas. The target sites were mostly located on private property. Arrangements for access and the placement of aerial targets were made with the land owners.

Petaluma GPS Aerial Control

Aerial control, topographic, and right of way surveys for the proposed Rainier Avenue over crossing. 44 targets were set for from the Corona Rd. overpass to Washington Street between Old Redwood Highway and McDowell Blvd. in Petaluma. State Plane Coordinates were established for each target from ties to HPGN points with elevations adjusted to established benchmarks and precise leveled lines between targets.

Healdsburg GPS Aerial Control

Aerial control for mapping of Area A and Area B in Healdsburg. Cooperative effort with 6 landowners to map private property for specific plan study and development plans for annexation and prezoning into the City of Healdsburg.

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Volunteer Projects

Crabtree Land Surveying donated topographic mapping and staking surveying services for the following projects in Healdsburg: Gibbs Park Community playground project, Foss Creek School play field parking lot, Healdsburg Elementary School "Field of Dreams" and Carson Warner Skate Park.

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